Who am I?

Abbas Wahab is a Sudanese-born, Canadian comedian, actor, and podcaster. After a failed career in both the Naval reserves and Detroit's automotive sector, Abbas returned to Canada to go all in on comedy.


How it all began

What happens when an immigrant kids get sold on engineering? Well, they become engineers! Abbas was definitely no exception, and after a short-lived engineering career, he finds himself on-stage every night unpacking the immigrant experience.

The now creator and host of a weekly podcast, The Immigrant Section, can also be found honing his act nightly in the Toronto Comedy Scene, or you may recognize him as "the black guy in that one commercial.

Abbas's face is regularly on TV and social media from sketch comedy and podcast clips to commercials and TV shows. He also wrote and starred in a web-series called Open Mic'rs.

The Immigrant Section is a weekly show where guests join Abbas to talk about funny cultural similarities/differences, current events, and sometimes more.

It's raw and unfiltered, for your listening pleasure.

My Story

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Stand Up Comedian, Actor, and Founder of The Immigrant Section Podcast.